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On this page, we have gathered a selection of games that we consider to be the best production of HTML games up to this point, with permission for publication and free distribution. These games were designed to be played on iOS or Android mobile devices, as well as on Windows systems.HTML games were one of the many revolutions in programming and the web of the 21st century, especially with the emergence of HTML5. With the arrival of this form of programming, complete and complex games could be developed to work on various types of browsers and devices, including smartphones or tablets with Android or iOS systems, replacing flash games.Here, you can enjoy the selection of HTML games that we have reserved for you, to play on your Android smartphone or tablet, or on iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad.But after all, what is HTML5? And is it safe to play HTML5 games?HTML5, as the name suggests, is the fifth version of the HTML language, a fundamental language for the global web. Playing an HTML game is similar to visiting a normal web page.The evolution of this foundational language for the internet brought with it the ability to dispense with the need for additional plugins for multimedia applications in browsers. Many critics consider this innovation to be the main factor behind the sudden and unexpected disappearance of Adobe Flash.After a decade without significant updates, the way web pages are created is undergoing a significant transformation, just like games. HTML5 introduces a completely different online experience for users. As the language evolves, browsers are becoming more than mere 'viewers' of pages, turning into full-fledged renderers of web software. This results in a faster and more enjoyable web experience, as well as providing additional security. Furthermore, the incredible games that are already possible to build using HTML5 are evolving, and soon with HTML6, more possibilities will be explored. Continue reading »

Game 0 Ninja Clash Heroes
Game 1 Angry Birds Classic
Game 2 Super Mario Bros Riders
Game 3 Craft Trap Show
Game 4 Ben 10 Bug Gang Attack
Game 5 Swooop
Game 6 Miraculous Kwami Creator
Game 7 Realistic Parking
Game 8 Toon Cup 2020
Game 9 Bubble Shooter World Cup
Game 10 Knock Em All
Game 11 Park It
Game 12 Fruit Ninja
Game 13 Survival 456 But It Is Impostor
Game 14 Moto X3M Pool Party
Game 15 Bike Mania 4 Micro Office
Game 16 Ultimate Boxing
Game 17 Skeet Challenge
Game 18 Mixed World
Game 19 Shark Attack
Game 20 Skate Hooligans
Game 21 Table Tennis World Tour
Game 22 Super Sniper
Game 23 Slap King
Game 24 Run Into Death
Game 25 Microsoft Jewel
Game 26 Cook and Decorate
Game 27 Tank Defender
Game 28 Heroes of Myths Warriors of Gods
Game 29 Stud Rider
Game 30 Gods of Arena
Game 31 Mango Mania
Game 32 Jump Kitty
Game 33 Ninja Run 2
Game 34 Hide N Seek
Game 35 Crash Landing 3D
Game 36 Tiny Diggers
Game 37 Superbike Hero
Game 38 Puppets Cemetery
Game 39 Street Pursuit
Game 40 Moto Fury
Game 41 Mini Race Rush
Game 42 Ranger vs Zombies
Game 43 Gear Madness
Game 44 Bones Slasher
Game 45 Racing Cars
Game 46 Street Racing Mania
Game 47 Dragon: Fire and Fury
Game 48 Biker Street
Game 49 Spect
Game 50 Pilot Heroes
Game 51 Foot Chinko
Game 52 Metal Animal
Game 53 Aliens Attack
Game 54 Zombilliards
Game 55 Guns n Glory Heroes
Game 56 Drift Cup Racing
Game 57 Cute Unicorn Care
Game 58 Epic Robot Fight
Game 59 The Secret of the Necromancer
Game 60 MiniGolf Kingdom
Game 61 Highway Rider Extreme
Game 62 Froyo Bar
Game 63 Billiard Blitz Challenge
Game 64 Gold Miner Tom
Game 65 Bike Racing
Game 66 Bike Tyke
Game 67 Zombie Getaway
Game 68 Robots Can't Jump
Game 69 Let Them Fight
Game 70 Dora Fishing
Game 71 Cute Jungle Hospital
Game 72 Kiba Kumba Jungle Chaos
Game 73 Barbie Beauty Bath
Game 74 Zombie Return
Game 75 Forest Adventure
Game 76 Kumba Karate
Game 77 Cutie's Kitty Rescue
Game 78 Vehicles 2
Game 79 Zombie Massacre
Game 80 Pou Doctor
Game 81 Adventures of Indiara
Game 82 Touchdown Blast
Game 83 Kiba & Kumba Puzzle
Game 84 Bombs and Zombies
Game 85 Burnin Rubber
Game 86 Protect The Planet
Game 87 8 Ball Billiards Classic
Game 88 Fast or Fried
Game 89 Wild West Klondike
Game 90 Three Cards Monte
Game 91 Zombies Can't Jump
Game 92 Kids Coloring Book
Game 93 Super Racing
Game 94 Hero Rush
Game 95 Brick Building
Game 96 Zombie Walker
Game 97 Knight Treasure
Game 98 Kiba & Kumba: High Jump
Game 99 Troll Boxing
Game 100 Civilizations Wars Master Edition
Game 101 Zombies Eat My Stocking
Game 102 Wanderlust
Game 103 Shoe Designer - Marie's Girl Games
Game 104 Tiny Rifles
Game 105 Sushi Ninja Dash
Game 106 Shopping Mall Makeover
Game 107 Cannons & Soldiers
Game 108 K.U.L.I.
Game 109 Tactical Squad
Game 110 Goal Champion
Game 111 Parking Training
Game 112 Saga of Kraigen: Tournament of Yshtarr

Featured Games

This following listing is our selection of Flash-developed games that can be played on both a computer and Android and iOS devices. This is only possible through the automatic activation of our authorized emulator software, which works on all worldwide web browsers. Therefore, games that do not require any installation on your part to be played on your device (computer, smartphone, or tablet). We have thousands of games available for all our visitors, free online mini games in 100% free and authorized versions, in compliance with publishing, distribution, and security regulations.

Gold Miner Gold Miner
Bubble Shooter Bubble Shooter
Shuffle Shuffle
Go Fish Kids Cards Game (Spongebob Squarepants Gone Fishing) Go Fish Kids Cards Game (Spongebob Squarepants Gone Fishing)
Super Soccer Star Super Soccer Star


More than 50,000 (fifty thousand) free games are available to play for free on a single page, making nicoo the largest online repository of legally authorized flash games worldwide. Games to play online with complete security and in compliance with all legal requirements of creators, users, publishers, and web browsers.Entertainment guaranteed for hours, days, months, years, or even a lifetime. The games can be played on a PC as well as on Android or iOS mobile devices. The phenomenal content from thousands of web pages has been gathered onto a single page, following the style of the great success of the renowned FRIV, which achieved global success in this way. The games are developed in both flash technology and HTML5, allowing you to play on Android or iOS mobile devices.This was one of the surprises we had reserved solely for the year 2024, but due to mandatory future advertising planning reasons, we were compelled to bring forward this major surprise to 2023 and delve into our archives to present this enormous novelty. We've recovered thousands of forgotten flash games from the past due to the abandonment of Adobe Flash Player. Now, these games are given new life and rise from the ashes like a Phoenix, coming back with full force through secure and authorized emulators for all global browsers. Online emulators that allow you to play these thousands of free flash games immediately, without the need for any download or installation on your part.Through freely circulating content, flash games produced by various global creators (independents and companies), including nicoo itself from several years ago, have their original copyrights protected and maintained in all .swf files, as required by their creators.nicoo, in partnership with a new non-alcoholic sweet beverages-related business partner and promoter of this project, promises to continuously innovate over the next two years in a progressive manner, with the aim of making nicoo by the year 2025 the world's foremost reference for free online gaming, without the need for downloads, available in 27 different languages. Continue reading »

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